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We had an idea! 

The idea was to create something where you wouldn't have to ask loads of suppliers for loads of quotes for the same service.

So we created Look Local

For Users

Users are people who are looking to obtain a trade, business or service.

Users have the following functionality in their dashboard:

  • Find a business supplier

  • Request a quote from a business supplier

  • Manage quotes

  • Manage on going projects

  • Manage reviews of completed projects

  • Invite a friend to get unlimited FREE quotes

  • Grab a car window or bumper sticker

  • A help centre

Look Local.png

"It's like getting quotes at the click of a button"

Cut wood

For Business Suppliers

A business supplier is someone who supplies users with a trade, business or service.

Business suppliers  have the following functionality in their dashboard:

  • Change between monthly and yearly subscription plan

  • Upgrade or downgrade the number of suburbs you are listed in

  • Change the suburbs you are currently listed in

  • For added exposure business suppliers have the ability to list on our home page

  • Update all your business listing details eg: business name, business phone number, business address etc

  • Change your trade, service or what you supply

  • Manage your pending leads, approved leads, in-progress projects and completed projects

  • Invite businesses to join Look Local, track invitations and receive $10 back for every business who signs up

  • Get a website for your business or if you already have a website ask Clear View Web Design to refresh it

  • A help centre

  • Grab a car window or bumper sticker

  • Grab out logo to put on your website so people can link directly to your Look Local profile and check out your reviews.

  • Upload a video which we will post to social media and give you FREE marketing for you business

  • Ability to pause your subscription and cancel your subscription

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