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  • How much does it cost?
    For 5 suburbs - Pay Monthly Six months FREE then $15 per month for 5 suburbs for the first year on the basic package. For 5 suburbs - Pay Yearly (20%off) Six months FREE then pay $144 for 5 suburbs for the first year on the basic plan. If you want to add more suburbs to your listing then go to your Business Dashboard >> Subscriptions, Add-ons and Suburbs >> Update Add-ons. Please note if you do this you will be charged for the Add-on suburbs. We only allow the 5 suburb basic plan for free for 6 months.
  • What is the deal with the Basic Plan?
    With the basic plan you get 5 suburbs for FREE for 6 months whether you subscribe to a pay monthly plan OR pay yearly plan. This is only abailable to new businesses that sign up. If you change your plan during the initial 6 month FREE period you will be charged. For example if you select a basic pay monthly plan of 5 suburbs you wont be charged for 6 months but if you change you basic monthly plan for 5 suburbs to a yearly plan during those initial 6 months you will be charged.
  • What does my online advertisement will consist of?
    Your online advertisement will consist of the following: Business title Business description Listing, profile and logo images Project images Phone number(s) Address (if required) Map (if required) Email address Website link (if required) Social media links (if required) Reviews from the customers who accept your quotes on Look Local
  • Is there a minimum term that I have to ‘sign up for’ and how do I cancel?
    No minimum term and you can cancel at any time you like. Please note that we don't offer refunds so make sure you cancel your subscription at the end of your monthly or yearly plan.
  • How do I get to the top of the search results?
    Our search results are listed randomly. Every time someone searches for a new sector, the list of business will be shuffled up in a random order.
  • Can a customer who we haven't provided a service for leave a review like most websites do?
    No they can't. You have to provide them with a service and then they can leave a review.
  • What if I get a bad review?
    We will try to find out where any issues lie. If necessary, we can mediate between the customer and you to find a favourable outcome. A bad review will not be published until it has been deemed reasonable by us. A bad review will be published if we think it is justified.
  • When will I get refunded for Business Friends that I refer?
    You will start to see refunds as soon as you start paying for your business listing.
  • What if my business service is not listed?
    You can suggest a business service when you sign up if it is not listed.
  • Can I change my accounts email address?
    Yes you can change your login email address. Just go to the dashboard and click on "Change Email". This will change your login email address.
  • When you go to "Grab Our Logo" and download it why does the background appear dark on the Green / Black logo.
    This is because the logo isn't a .jpeg logo but instead its a .png, meaning you can paste it over any background colour on your website.
  • If I sign up of the 5 suburb pay monthly basic plan and get 6 months FREE will I get charged if I change my plan to yearly.
    Yes you will be charged if you change to yearly. Also if you sign up on yearly and then change to monthly you will still be charged. This is why we recommend you sign up to yearly as you get 20% off on yearly plans compared to monthly plans and you still get 6 months for free.
A Man Welding



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